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Deciding which company to build your online presence with is easier when you know what to ask. Asking about the company, their services, and what others say about them, are all fair questions you'll want answered.

What have our customers asked us about?

* Can we update/edit our website after being built? our answer is YES, to learn more, click here

What will be the process to build any website? LD Group deals with its customers through written contracts where you know your rights & responsibilities, preliminary design will be developed and the customer has the final touches on their website.

* What if we are not ready financially to afford building a website? LD Group has several payments plans which makes building your online dream so easy, call us for details

* What does the online video add to my business? It will enrich the awareness of your products & services as well as better Google ranking.

* Being on Google's first page is the target of every business, can you do that? Our customers are so happy with what we have achieved for them, click here for more details